Caledfwlch Temple
Steven grech 00 shot01

Caledfwlch Temple

Steven grech 01 assets callout

Call out sheet

Steven grech 02 assetswireframe callout
Steven grech tree sculpt
Steven grech 03 tree callout
Steven grech 04 materials callout


Steven grech 00 shot05

The water + caustics

Caledfwlch Temple

My submission for The Legend of King Arthur Game Environment Challenge 2019.

The environment was made in Unreal Engine.
Assets created using Zbrush and Maya.
Textures created with Substance Painter and Substance Designer.
Marmoset was used to render the assets in the callout sheet.
Fog Cards & God Ray: sourced from Unreal 4 example scene
Original design by Gabriel Barbabianca (
Music: ‘Gregorian Chant’ by Kevin MacLeod

More artwork
Steven grech 01Steven grech 03